Online Swing Analysis

                        Purchase a V1 Golf Online Swing Analysis


For a limited time this winter you can take advantage of an online swing analysis by Steve Patterson. This opportunity makes it possible for online golf instruction to golfers worldwide. For less than half the cost of one hour of Steve’s private golf instruction rate, you can now experience your golf swing overview utilizing the state-of-the-art online golf swing analysis, V1 Golf.

Offered through the Fossil Trace Golf Club Branded Academy, your video golf swing analysis will be stored in your online “locker,” and emailed so the video will be available for viewing anytime, for all time. View expert analysis of your golf swing online and give yourself the competitive edge.

** REQUIRED – V1 Home software is required in order for you to be able to upload your swing for Steve’s analysis. This software will simply capture your swing and allow you to send it to Steve through the V1 Golf Academy for a thorough swing analysis. Take advantage of this great opportunity to improve your golf swing by completing the following:

  1. Purchase the Swing Analysis for $39.95. Payment is by check r PayPal. Arrangements will be finalized before video is sent by Steve. 
  2. Download the FREE version of V1 Home software at This can be downloaded by clicking here
  3. V1 software will allow you to send the swing video you have recorded to Steve in the proper format. Record your swing and then upload it to the Fossil Trace Golf Academy right through your computer using V1 Home software. The software has a simple step by step video tutorial to make this process a snap!
  4. Steve will receive your swing and reply with a detailed video analysis. Allow 5-7 days for delivery.


                           Sample V1 Golf Swing Analysis  


          Here are a few quick tips to get you started:

Check out these two videos to get a good look at camcorder video setup angles.


Down the line:      

Face On:               


  • Set shutter speed on camcorder to at least 2000 or use Sport mode.
  • Put camera on a tripod on a level surface directly behind the student. Try to position camera at an angle between the ball and the player.
  • Height of camera should be chest high when at your address position
  • Begin recording and hit two shots with whatever club you want.
  • Stop recording and move camcorder to the face-on position
  • Record two more shots with the same club.
  • Stop recording
  • Review your video to make sure you can see your entire body and club swinging within the screen.
  • Take your camcorder and save your swing to your home computer in mpg, and avi format. Then you’re ready to submit the video using V1 Home software.