Four Steps to Golf Mastery


  Are you confused as to what you are supposed to be practicing?

        Do you feel as though you shoot higher than you should?

  Do people mention that you don’t seem to play to your potential?


Step 1: Understanding Cause and Effect

During Step 1, the Performance Coach helps the golfer
a. Determine which skills are costing them the most
b. Seek understanding of what they are doing wrong
c. Identify what needs to be fixed

Step 2: Supervised Practice
During Step 2, the Performance Coach encourages and provides opportunities for supervised practice- lots of repetition with feedback. During this step, the player is engaged in practice with the deliberate intention of improving his or her skills. The Performance Golf, unlike most teachers, makes him-or himself available during practice to structure activities and to provide feedback.

Step 3: Transfer Training
During Step 3, the Performance Coach assists the player in exposing golf skills to conditions that stimulate those that they would experience on the golf course under competition. Transfer training creates the opportunity for a player to strive to build a habit that can withstand the pressure and ever-changing conditions that one experiences on the course.

Step 4: Play
During Step 4, the Performance Coach helps a golfer better play the game using their existing skills while keeping score on the course. Performance Coaches make the time to observe their players playing on the course. The coach can provide additional guidance into the skills of decision-making and self-management, while also making note of ball-control skills that are in need development.


Golf mastery requires continuous feedback, training and supervised practice, both on the course and off. Performance Coaches help players transfer skills from the range to the course, make correct on-course decisions, and manage their thoughts, their attention, and their emotions under competition. 

The Four Steps to Golf Mastery is for golfers who are looking

for the most productive way of improving their golf game 

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